About Us

elan (ā-län) n., distinctive style and flair, panache, vigorous spirit.

Elan, Inc. was created by Lisa Nagle and Jere Tatich based on a desire to provide land planning and design services that are sensitive to environmental and economic conditions while addressing the unique needs of our clients. Since the firm’s inception, our reputation for quality projects has become Elan’s trademark.

At Elan, our enthusiasm for land planning and design is reflected in our project portfolio. We work with communities, private entities and institutions to explore progressive ways to bring their projects to reality. Elan’s firm structure provides hands-on, personalized service that enables us to accomplish our clients’ goals in a timely and financially responsible manner.

Our passion for the profession is exhibited in our firm’s culture. Elan practices in a studio setting that fosters collaboration among project team members to generate innovative ideas in a way that is productive and efficient. This setting brings a high level of creativity to each project to the benefit of our clients.

The energy at Elan is reinforced by our location in downtown Saratoga Springs. The City is recognized nationally for its character, history, and setting. The City’s quality of life, its cultural resources, and the active involvement by community members makes it a very special place to live and practice.

Elan is also proud to participate in the National Grid GreenUp Renewable Energy Program. This program allows Elan to support pollution-free forms of electricity, such as wind and small-hydro energy.





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